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        1996-1997 assembles upholstered furniture, the Italian brand Chateau d'Ax, which is successfully sold on the domestic market.

        1998 "Ekmi-Furniture" makes a complete transition to its own production, all models are created by Ukrainian specialists, the transition to the status of a national manufacturer, followed by a sharp decline in sales due to distrust of the Ukrainian  manufacturer.

        1999 Through hard work, Ekmi-Mebel gradually wins the trust of customers, which leads to a significant increase in sales.

     25 years of experience

        1993 division of the joint venture "Ekmi", takes the first steps in the furniture business - imports upholstered furniture from the United States, a little later, from Italy.



        2000 "Ekmi-Furniture" becomes the winner of the competition "The Best Furniture of Ukraine 2000",  and also the winner of the national competition "Highest Standard".

        2001 The company becomes a member of the Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers.

        2001-2005 the company receives many prizes and diplomas of the winner in national furniture competitions.

        2005 "Ekmi-mebel" strives to produce products and meet consumer demand at the level of the world's best firms producing upholstered furniture.

For this purpose, a quality management system has been developed and implemented that complies  with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2000.

        Each manufacturer claims that he does everything for his customers, but not every manufacturer is able to confirm his statements with a long history, each stage of which is fully consistent with the declared philosophy and aspirations.


        Production and the central office of the company "Ekmi-Mebel" are located in the suburbs of Kyiv - in the village of Petropavlovskaya Borshchagovka. The spacious buildings house the entire technological chain of production: a development shop, a carpentry shop, a foam rubber shop, a cutting shop, a sewing shop, an upholstery shop, a technical control department and a warehouse for finished products. At the same time, as can be seen from the history of the company, the production process fully complies with the highest international standards.

        The quality of upholstered furniture begins long before the start of its production. First of all, it is a high production culture that determines the proper attitude of employees to their work, which is especially important when assembling upholstered furniture by hand.

        An equally important factor is the consistency, orderliness and clear regulation of deadlines in production. In the company "Ekmi-Mebel" this is achieved through the use of modern computer software systems for automating production activities, developed specifically for the technological chain used in the production of upholstered furniture.

        Of course, the creation of the best furniture is impossible without the use of modern specialized equipment. Therefore, the fleet of machine tools used in the production of the company "Ekmi-Mebel" is an expensive equipment of the world's leading manufacturers. Woodworking machines - SCM, Griggio, Pantograf and Royek (Italy), spray booth - TECNO AZZURRA (Italy),  sewing machines - Juki (Japan), pneumatic tables - Prebena (Germany).

        For a manufacturer, nothing is more important than the experience and qualifications of its staff. Therefore, the company "Ekmi-Mebel" is constantly investing in staff training and providing an opportunity for key employees to get acquainted with new technologies and trends in the production and design of upholstered furniture - employees of the company "Ekmi-Mebel" will not be surprised by visiting the largest furniture exhibitions held both in the near, as well as in foreign countries.



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        "Ekmi-Mebel" has passed the state certification of the UkrSEPRO system, carried out by the product certification body CJSC "Ukrainian Institute of Furniture".

        All products of the company comply with the sanitary and hygienic requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine, and the requirements of GOST 19917-93 - “Furniture for sitting and lying. General technical conditions”, which is confirmed by state certificates of conformity.

        "Ekmi-Mebel" is one of the few Ukrainian manufacturers that have radiological control certificates for the materials used in the production.

        The factory "Ekmi-mebel" is certified according to the quality management system ISO 9001:2000 for compliance with international standards by the representative office of "Bureau Veritas" in Ukraine.

        The constant investments made by the company "Ekmi-Mebel" in the certification of its products convincingly confirm the company's leadership in the Ukrainian market of high-quality upholstered furniture.

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