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        You have a design project, or just visual sketches - provide information to and Our specialists will contact you, agree on all the necessary details and offer solutions within 3 days.


        Fashionable restaurant in the center of Kiev with gourmet  cuisine and oriental hospitable atmosphere, like a blooming garden welcomes its guests with joy.

        The interior of the restaurant is colorful and homely. Upholstered furniture: sofas and armchairs  from the company "Ekmi" complement the interior and give visitors comfort, coziness, as well as aesthetic pleasure, as they are made in a classic style, in beautiful shapes with smooth lines  And  using carved wooden pieces. Used for furniture upholstery  high-quality fabrics, easy to care for and pleasant to the touch, which is very important for public places with high traffic.

        Let comfort, coziness, beauty and  prosperity reign in our lives.


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        Previously, repairs were made according to the words of the builders, or what was sold in the store. Now it is a special talent in the world of diversity, to choose exactly what is combined, comfortable, modern and of high quality. The company "Ekmi-mebel" pays a lot of attention to creating an individual approach, thinking through functionality and ergonomics.

        In the modern world, preference is given to sets of different styles, with different textures and dimensions. The result of such a decision will be the individuality of the house, the manifestation of the refined taste of the owners, their own design and originality of lines.


        Properly selected room design can affect the overall mood of the space and your mood! The design of upholstered furniture, like interior design, is the starting point of any project.

        The company "Ekmi-mebel" presents to your attention a joint project of a country house  designer Vita Shlyakhova.

        Among the variety of the model range and upholstery material of the company "Ekmi-mebel", the designer successfully selected sofas and armchairs that are ideally combined with the interior of the house.

        A corner sofa "Marrocano" was installed in the dining area, which allowed for effective zoning of the room. Corner sofa "Marrocano" looks very organic, and it certainly complemented and decorated the interior.



Features and technologies

        Since the Company has its own technological department since 2001, we have also successfully completed many individual projects - private apartments, offices, hotels, restaurants. Making furniture according to individual projects, we take into account the visual wishes of the customer with the technical and technological capabilities.     

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