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Model "Chester" has a truly unique design, referring us to the traditions of classic English furniture. The aristocratic style of the model is emphasized by the back and armrests, with the "capitone" finish, which is done_cc7 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ manually. The front of the drawstring is decorated with tight  buttons, and the armrests are decorated with a light, unobtrusive drapery.


Complete set: This model is presented at choice by sofas of two sizes and an armchair.


Mechanism: Sofas can optionally be equipped with a guest transformation mechanism "Meralatte". The choice of mattresses on the given mechanism is possible.


Frame: The base is a hardwood frame combined with plywood.


Filler: The seat cushions use a combined filling: a spring block in combination with polyurethane foam and synthetic winterizer.


Upholstery: The furniture can be made in any kind of upholstery material, both in fabric and leather or a combination of both.


It is not recommended to use thin elastic fabrics and very thick leathers.


Decorative elements: The sofa is decorated with your choice of covered buttons or Swarovski crystals. The armrests are decorated with drapery. Wooden poles are tinted according to the corporate color map.


We recommend fabrics and decorations from the Ekmi Exclusive collection.


Additional options: Seat cushions have removable covers.


How does production work

       The production of the company and the central office are united in a single computer network, and the foreman of each workshop receives work orders and marks their execution in a single information environment of the company.