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Noble and majestic "Ramses". In it, every detail impresses with its luxury and makes the sofa perfect. The armrests, flowing gracefully into the backrest, create a rounded design that is accentuated by nail trim and radius supports. But what is really surprising is that, with its extraordinary softness, the sofa can be equipped with a transformation mechanism for daily sleep.


Options: This model is presented with a choice of sofas in two sizes and an armchair. Optionally, it can be supplemented with  decorative pillows.

Механизм:  Диваны по желанию могут  быть оборудованы механизмом трансформации «Lucа», который предназначен для ежедневного сна . The choice of mattresses on the given mechanism is possible.

Frame: The base is a hardwood frame combined with   plywood.

Filler: The seat cushions use highly elastic PU foam in a feather cover. Back cushions and armrest cushions  are filled with down and feather blend.

Upholstery: Furniture can be in any kind of upholstery material, both in fabric and leather, or in a combination of both.

It is not recommended to use thin and elastic fabrics and very thick leathers.

Decorative elements: This model is decorated with carnations and delicate supports. The color of these finishing elements can be selected according to the corporate color card. As an alternative to finishing with nails, we offer finishing with soft piping or cord piping.

We recommend fabrics  and decor of the Ekmi Exclusive collection.

Additional options: The seat cushion has a removable cover. For ease of delivery, the furniture is disassembled.


How does production work

       The production of the company and the central office are united in a single computer network, and the foreman of each workshop receives work orders and marks their execution in a single information environment of the company.