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Sofa "Emilio" - stylish design and a large number of segments are worthy advantages of this modular sofa.


With it, you can beat any space and set the tone for the entire interior. The nobility of the forms of the model "Emilio" will not leave you indifferent!


Complete set: This model is represented by a set of segments for modeling various complete sets.


Mechanism: The model is not equipped with a transformation mechanism.


Frame: The base is a hardwood frame combined with plywood.


Filler: Fitting comfort is provided by multi-layer highly elastic PU foam.


Decorative elements: Metal supports.


Upholstery: This model can be made in both fabric and leather or a combination of both.

It is not recommended to use thin and elastic fabrics and very thick leathers.


Decorative elements: Wooden supports, tinted according to the company's color map. Decorative finishing piping can be made in the main upholstery, or, if desired, in another type of upholstery.


How does production work

       The production of the company and the central office are united in a single computer network, and the foreman of each workshop receives work orders and marks their execution in a single information environment of the company.