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Model "Regina" has a decent organic design, thought out to the smallest detail. Each detail has its own practical purpose and complements the overall functional task. A small pleasant highlight is the headrests, the angle of which is adjustable, as well as a built-in bar table, which can serve as both a connecting element and the end of the composition.


Complete set:  The model is represented by straight modules, a corner, a maxi armchair and a pouffe, which can be easily combined with each other. The corner segment is additionally equipped with decorative pillows.

Mechanism:   This model is not equipped with a transformation mechanism.

Frame:  The base is a hardwood frame combined with   plywood.

Filler:  Seat cushions, backrests and armrests use highly elastic PU foam. Sintepukh (holofiber) is used to fill decorative pillows.

Upholstery:  Model "Regina" is made exclusively in fabric or in a combination of several fabrics. Thin, stretchy fabrics are not recommended.

We recommend fabrics from the Ekmi Exclusive collection.

Decorative elements:  Represented by exclusive supports made in a combination of wood and metal. Segments 203.014-203.019 are decorated with a wooden overlay-table or, if desired, with a built-in table-bar. Wooden elements are tinted according to the corporate color map.

Additional options:  Adjustable head restraints. Seat cushions and decorative cushions have removable covers.


How does production work

       The production of the company and the central office are united in a single computer network, and the foreman of each workshop receives work orders and marks their execution in a single information environment of the company.